Eat at Bivius

Bivius offers an Italian cuisine in an elegant and modern venue, along to its private parking. In this recently renovated restaurant, the dynamic and internationally experienced team emphasizes on a heartfelt and quality service, yet relaxed. The elaborated wine list will make you discover some excellent Italian and Luxembourgish wines, completed with a fine selection of wines from around the globe. Each week, a different wine from the menu is selected to be served by the glass to allow you new discoveries.

Our menu evolves over time, maximizing seasonal products.

The dishes are carefully prepared in the respect of the Italian tradition and from raw materials of quality to guarantee rich flavors and finest tastes.

The products are hence carefully selected and their conditions are controlled during each delivery to maintain a consistent quality, without compromise. It is therefore possible that from time to time, a dish runs out… nonetheless we will certainly have a nice suggestion as an alternative.

As you can see, our menu evolves over time, maximizing the seasonal products that our team takes pleasure in handling during preparations: we wash, peel and trim our vegetables, we simmer our sauces, cut our meats, make our desserts …


  • In summer enjoy the sun on our terrace.

  • Our suggestions offer you the best of any season.

  • Chill out over a savorous cocktail in our bar.

  • Organize your private events.


In order to maintain highest quality, hygiene and transparency levels, we partnership with the company SIGNA which regularly conducts audits within our establishment.

During these checks, HACCP best practices are checked, such as storage of raw materials, handling of products, respect of personal hygiene, cleanliness of our premises, etc. .

Our team is therefore constantly trained, theoretically and practically, to have the right reflexes in this area.

Finally, samples are taken from the work surfaces to monitor the effectiveness of the cleaning processes in place.