General conditions & internal rules of the establishment

This document is available on our website and is available in any room, at the reception and at the hotel’s entrance. Any guest that books a room in the hotel acknowledges and abides to our general conditions and internal rules.

APPLICATION: these conditions rule the provided services related to the accommodations so as any additional services available at the hotel. Any booking generates the acknowledgment and abider of the general conditions and internal rules of the hotel.  These may be substituted partially in some exceptional cases in written form.

ACCOMMODATION AGREEMENT: the accommodation agreement is finalized as soon as the room is booked and confirmed, whether in oral or in written form. The finalization of the accommodation contract makes the parties liable to its execution, independently from its length. The agreement cannot be terminated unilaterally. The parties are the hotel and the guest. If a third party has booked for the guest, both the third party and the guest are jointly liable for the fulfillment of the obligations mentioned in the agreement. Should the hotel be unable to provide the contracted room, damages will be paid (or a similar hotel room will be booked at the same cost).

ACT OF GOD in case of an act of god or other circumstances out of the hotel’s control, the hotel has the right to cancel the agreement, without paying for damages to the guest.

PAYMENT: the room rate is indicated per night and payable according to the reservation conditions. The default in payment generates the immediate expulsion of the guest and may expose to prosecution for the owed amount. If a third party takes over the expenses, a form is to be filled out at time of booking.

IDENTIFICATION: according to the law of June 24th 2008, the hotel must register the guests staying in the hotel. A valid ID or passport is required to register; otherwise the hotel can refuse to provide access to the accommodation.

PRESENTATION: the hotel reserves the right not to accept any guests having an inappropriate behavior, breaching moral standards or public indecency.

DINE-AND-DASH: dine-and-dash is a form of theft by fraud whereas a person orders a service knowing that he/she can’t afford its payment or with the deliberate intent not to pay once the service is consumed. This fraud is punished by law according to the article 491 of the Luxemburgish Penal Code.

ACCOMMODATION: the rooms can only accommodate a limited number of persons so to ensure security rules. No additional person can be accommodated.   The maximum occupation per room is as follows:

  • Standard Room or Twin Room: maximum of 2 adults
  • Executive Room: maximum of 2 adults
  • Superior Room: maximum of 3 adults

In case of breach of these rules, the hotel reserves the right to charge the liable guest the additional cost of the room(s) according to the number of persons in excess, at the current daily rate at time of the breach. The hotel may charge directly the credit card left as a guarantee.

STAY INTERRUPTION: in case of an interruption of the stay or an early departure, the total cost of the stay is owed. Late arrivals or early departures do not give rise to any reimbursement.

NO-SHOW: in case of a no-show, the total amount of the stay is charged as a penalty.

CANCELLATION CONDITIONS/FEES: (excluding negotiated rates).

  • Room Only Flexible: effective 2 calendar days prior to arrival date.
  • Bed & Breakfast: effective 1 calendar day prior to arrival date.
  • Superflexibel: effective from the day of arrival at 2:00pm.
  • Non-Refundable: no refund or modification possible.
  • Special Deal: no refund or modification possible.
  • Groups: variable depending on the size of the group and negotiated conditions.

After the deadlines indicated, the deposit will be acquired by the hotel for the amount of the first night as a penalty. When booking a non-refundable rate, full prepayment is required, as the deposit is acquired for the entire stay. Administrative fees of 5€ apply in any case.

CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT: before access is given to our guests, the rooms are verified to be in working order and in good conditions. Accessing to the room involves the acknowledgment by the guest of the available inventory of accessories and furniture. Guests are invited to immediately inform the reception in case of any damages that would be noticed.

The rooms are available as as of 3:00pm (check-in is guaranteed until 10:00pm) and the check-out time is at 11:00am. Additional charges may occur for late check-outs; departures after 2:00pm result in an additional night charge. Extending your stay is only possible upon verification with the reception and subject to availability.

DAMAGES: we kindly ask our guests to respect the property’s premises. In case of damages, deterioration of internal/external furniture or robbery (terry or accessories), the guest must commit his civil liability and the hotel reserves the right to charge the cost of the repairing or replacements in the amount of the generated damages.

BANS: since the law of July 13th 2013, it is strictly prohibited to smoke in public places. It is also prohibited to smoke in the rooms for obvious security reasons. The failure to respect the ban engenders a standard fee of 150€ for the additional deep cleaning. If the room cannot be sold the following night due to the smell, an additional night will be charged to the guest. The trigging of the fire alarm as a false alert exposes you to prosecution.  It is strictly prohibited to cook or to make use of gas devices or heating elements as they represent a safety hazard. Any commercial activity is strictly prohibited within the room, except in case of a special approval from the management.

NOISE DISTURBANCE: we kindly request to consider everyone’s rest and so to strongly limit any noise disturbance within the hotel, particularly in-between 10:00pm and 08:00am.

The article 544 of the Civil Code regulates the right to enjoy and dispose of elements, as long as one is not making any by law prohibited use of it and not causing any troubles in excess of the normal inconveniences of neighborhood, breaking the balance to equivalent rights.
Hence any noise disturbance, related to one’s behavior or animal subject to one’s responsibility, may bring the hotel to invite the guest to leave the establishment without giving rise to any reimbursement.

DOGS: Dogs are welcome upon request and after signature of a liability form.

ROOM KEY: a key to access the accommodation is given to the guest at time of check-in: if lost or damaged, the cost is of 5€.

RESTAURANT: the opening hours of the restaurant are displayed in the establishment. Certain conditions may apply for private or special events.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: the establishment does not accept any liability for any personal belongings left behind in public areas.

GARBAGE: the establishment reserves the right to charge the fees related to the removal of any cumbersome, toxic or dangerous waste left behind on the property’s premises as per legal requirements.

COURIER: Messages, letters and parcels send to guests’ attention are received with caution and handled with care, however the hotel does not accept any liability for any delay, loss or damages.

PARKING: the parking facilities of the hotel are available to the guests but no attendance service is provided.

WIFI: the establishment declines any liability for the availability, speed or reliability in regards to the use of the WiFi/Internet access. The establishment reserves the right to its solely discretion and at any given time, to restrict the access to some websites or services (i.e. violent, pornographic or payable websites). The guest is responsible for any technical supply and conditions for the use of the Wifi network. The Wifi only offers access to the internet, no antivirus or firewall is provided. The data traffic is not encrypted and hence some data may be seen from third parties. The guest uses the WiFi network at his own risk and commits to comply with the actual laws when using the WiFi/Internet. The user frees the hotelier from any damages or requests from third parties based on an illegal (mis)use of the WiFi/Internet network and the establishment declines any liability for any damages that may occur to the guest’s devices that result from the use of internet.

DISPUTES: if case of disputes, only the tribunals of the judicial district of Luxembourg will be competent.