At Bivius, the restaurant offers Italian cuisine in an elegant setting with the advantage of large private parking at your disposal. The small team emphasizes a quality but relaxed welcome and service and “homemade” cuisine based on fresh seasonal produce.

In addition to classic Italian dishes and pizzas, you will also find our culinary specialties, gluten-free or vegetarian options as well as weekly suggestions that complete the menu. From aperitifs to digestives, a multitude of choices are available to you: starters to share, essential classics, more modern dishes, cocktails, local beers and alcohol-free and gluten-free alternatives.

The wine list has been carefully drawn up and will introduce you to excellent Italian wines and unusual forgotten grape varieties: in fact, part of the list is made up of exclusively direct imported wines. The restaurant’s menu is completed with a selection of Luxembourg and French wines. In addition, a selection of wines by the glass is presented on a cart every week to allow you new discoveries.

Finally, if a reference particularly struck you, know that you can buy some to take away in our Wine-Shop.


At Bivius’ Restaurant, the menu and suggestions constantly evolve according to the season

In the restaurant, we strive to offer you quality Italian cuisine without too much “fuss”… our dishes are carefully prepared using top-quality raw materials, with emphasis on consistent quality. The fish is offered according to the market, the season and its quality.

To guarantee you excellent quality, everything is prepared to order;

so each preparation also requires adequate cooking time and if your time is limited, the room team will be able to guide you… finally, we can prepare special dishes upon prior request, or menus according to your wishes for your events.

As you will have understood, the restaurant menu at Bivius is continually evolving, favoring as much fresh seasonal produce as possible that our team takes pleasure in handling during preparation: we wash, peel and cut our vegetables, we simmer our sauces, cut

our meats, we prepare our desserts…

The Bivius also adheres to the “Hausgemaach” charter and label, which highlights the preparation of entirely “homemade” dishes and culinary specialties.


  • In summer enjoy the sun on our terrace.

  • Our suggestions offer you the best of any season.

  • Chill out over a savorous cocktail in our bar.

  • Organize your private events.


In order to maintain highest quality, hygiene and transparency levels, we partnership with the company SIGNA which regularly conducts audits within our establishment.

During these checks, HACCP best practices are checked, such as storage of raw materials, handling of products, respect of personal hygiene, cleanliness of our premises, etc. .

Our team is therefore constantly trained, theoretically and practically, to have the right reflexes in this area.

Finally, samples are taken from the work surfaces to monitor the effectiveness of the cleaning processes in place.